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You have a big painting task to accomplish, and it appears as if you are running out of time because of other engagements. You want to be quick with the execution of the job so you can move on to other things, for obvious reasons. For this reason, you have resulted to the use of quick methods to get your job done. While you may save yourself some time by using shortcuts for your painting, it is not an approach that will promote your integrity as a painter in any way.

According to Commercial Painters Gold Coast, these are some of the things you should never do whenever you are painting, all in the name of trying to save time.

A Single Layer of Paint

Some painters consider themselves so smart that they prefer to use a single coat of paint for an entire room. They are not doing this because there is no paint. Instead, they are doing it to save time. If you belong to this category of painters, you should realize that this is an approach that leaves a lot to be desired.

Whichever way you want to look at it, using one single layer of paint for an entire room has never worked out. If you resolve to use one single thick coat, it will take a long time for the paint to dry. On the other hand, if you use one light coat, you will hardly get the consistency you desire for a rich-colored background. Painters Gold Coast has never been a fan of one coat of paint as a way of painting.

Failing to Wash the Siding

If you want your paint to stand the test of time after painting, you will need to make sure you are not neglecting anything that you are supposed to do. Washing the siding is one of such things. Ensure you do this before you start painting. Some painters limit their pre-painting to-do list to things like sanding and priming alone, and in the end, the whole thing becomes a complete disaster. Please scrub sidings properly before you start painting. That way, your paint won’t have to fall off a year later.

Painting without Sanding

One of the golden rules that must be followed by any professional painter is the fact that you must sand before you paint. If you are too busy you think you do not have time to sand your wall before painting; you should be ready to paint your wall in lumps. Sanding helps to ensure the entire surface is smooth before you start painting. At House Painters Gold Coast, it is one of the things we do before we get on with our actual painting.

Failing to Deal with Unprimed Patches

Never paint over unprimed spots because it causes something painters refer to as ‘flashing.’ It makes your work look unprofessional. Be sure to employ the use of the right primer on all patches before you paint.

You think you are doing yourself any good when you avoid doing the right thing when it comes to painting. You are not helping yourself in any way. Consider the above points when next you decide to paint so you can have a hitch-free exercise. Painter Gold Coast stocks some of the best professionals when it comes to painting

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