Most of us can do pretty well with painting jobs, but we miss the professional touch at some stages. So, We at Painters Gold Coast are sharing some best-kept secrets that experts will never share with you. Have a look.

#1 Start With A Perfect Smooth Surface

If you want perfectly painted walls or woodwork, start with smoothening the target surface. We, at Painter Gold Coast, suggest you perform light sanding tasks if there is any shiny or glossy area on the surface to dull them. Also, don’t forget to fill imperfect and unbalanced surfaces with caulk and putty. Use some pro tools like paint scraper or washer to eliminate all the oil or mold available on the target surface.

#2 Cover All The Furniture Kept In Painting Area

If you’re not able to move your furniture out of the room, we at House Painters Gold Coast suggest individuals drag the furniture to the center of the room and cover with plastic sheets and tape the layer at the bottom. By doing so you will be able to protect your furniture from sanding dust, and drips and splatters of paint.

#3 Use Tinted Primer

Being the pro, we at House Painters Gold Coast prefer filling holes and patch cracks with joint compounds and will suggest you do the same. If you apply paint directly, the mixture will absorb all the moistures of the paint and will offer the dull and flat look, known as flashing issue. We, at Painters Gold Coast, recommend Tinted primers as they excellently cover existing paint layers than plain primers so you will be able to notice visible effects with just one coat.

#4 Use Paint Extender to Remove Brush and Lap Marks

If you want to give your painting jobs a pro touch, we Painters Gold Coast suggest you use a paint extender to eliminate all the brush and lap marks. Simply mix paint extender or pain conditioner like folderol into the paint you’re using. It will reduce the drying period of paint and will allow you to eliminate ugly lap marks that appear due to painting over dried paints. We at House Painters Gold Coast recommend using paint extenders for woodwork, drywall, doors and cabinet painting jobs.

#5 Finish First One Before You Start Next

It’s one of the most beneficial tips that we House Painters Gold Coast are providing, that’s never rush. Painting is a creative job so you should never be in the hurry while painting houses and commercial buildings. A small mistake will affect the overall appearance of the target surface that you have painted, or you’re painting. If you’re targeting multiple walls, prefer painting one by one. It will help you to paint the walls with ease.


These are some of the best-kept secrets of professional painters. We at Painters Gold Coast recommend you include them in your painting to give the painting job a pro touch.


Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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