Clueless about what to do before you begin painting? In fact, painting is a doable job, but the results that emerge from an efficient job can be undesirable. Most of us hire paint experts for the same reason and if you are looking for a professional to do your painting tasks, contact House Painters Gold Coast.


Most of the dissatisfying painting jobs start from failing to prepare the surface, paint and yourself properly. You can prevent that from occurring to you on your next painting top-here are the five things you should know before you begin with your painting exercise.



Do you know the most common reason for an injury at home is due to falls? Before you start painting you need to take safety precautions seriously. Invest in a sturdy ladder that has an inbuilt shelf which allows you to store all your painting tools and kit in.



The next step is to dress appropriately. Painting is a messy task, and hence, it would be better to avoid wearing your favorite clothes and shoes as the paint splatters onto your clothes while applying.



Before you begin painting, you need to get your paint prepared, which means you have to decide about the color, try it out on a small area of your wall and then find out the right sheen of the color.



The next step is to move out the furniture and other equipment from the way before you start. Roll out rugs, carpets and cover the immovable furniture with newspapers or sheets so that dust doesn’t get stuck to it.



The next step is to wash the dirt, grease spots on the walls before you start with your paint job. It could be a cumbersome process, and this is the reason why most people hire paint experts. Talk to our paint experts at Painters Gold Coast for help.


Experts mostly use trisodium phosphate for doing this task.



Priming beforehand can allow you to work on a fresh platform. The unique property of primer lets the paint to stick to the walls smoothly and last for a longer time.



For multiple reasons, use masking tape, tape the door frames, trim, and windows. After you have combed all the corners, remove the tap ensuring that you don’t peel off the paint along with it.



Any imperfections such as smudges or drips need touch-ups with a fresh coat of paint.


If you are unable to do these tasks before you begin painting, it is better to hire a professional instead. We at Commercial Painters Gold Coast can help you with all your painting services. Call us to find your quote.


Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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