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Proper surface preparation is the key to a long-lasting paint job for a residential or commercial property. In fact, this is true regardless of the type of paint or coatings used.


Although there are important aspects of applying paint such as film thickness, proper temperature, as well as dry time, no other factors are more important than having a paint surface preparation. In fact, inadequate surface preparation is responsible for coating failure. While there are expenses involved in preparing a surface, the consequences of improper surface preparation can exceed the total cost of your painting exercise. Talk to our experts at Painters Gold Coast to know more about it.


A professional painter understands the need for surface preparation and what it takes to ensure a quality job. They even make sure that their clients are fully aware of what preparation work is and how critical it is. Some painting contractors will offer an upgraded paint job which generally consists of additional preparation work for an added cost. Some companies have that as their inbuilt costs knowing that necessary preparation will be for doing a quality job. Our paint specialists at House Painters gold coast provide quality paint jobs at an affordable rate.


Here are four methods for surface preparation out of which the best one will depend on the condition of the surface.

  • Dirt Built-up: Power wash or hand wash
  • Oily Surface: Using a mild degreaser or tri-sodium phosphate
  • Glossy Surface: Slight sanding creates a surface for adhesion
  • Rust Paint and Other Debris: Sandblasting scraping along with/or hand tool cleaning.

Once you have prepared the surface, it is always a great idea to do a simple adhesive test before painting the entire wall or surface. Coat a small area and allow it to dry. Once it dries, you can scribble the cross-hatches with a razor blade or any other tool such as a utility knife. Later apply the adhesive tape across the cross-hatching and pull it off. If the coating sits on the surface, it means you have high-grade adhesion.


Surface preparation is a time-consuming task but skipping it can do no favors to your painting job. A quality paint job depends upon total surface preparation before painting. Any cracks, imperfections do not let the paint to stick to the surface correctly.


The whole wall surface preparation job involves cleaning the walls, fixing the dampness, repairing it, filling the patches, sanding slightly, masking, and priming. Each technique holds unique importance and has its use for different reasons. Thoroughly following each step gives a well-prepared surface and finally a quality paint job.


Whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, understanding the need for surface preparation would lead to a great paint job that could be the key to a durable finish. Contact Painter Gold Coast to sign up for an agreement, and we deliver promising results.


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Stephen Lockyer
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