If you are looking to give your home a makeover but don’t want to invest in expensive furniture and accents, then a splash of fresh color on the walls might be the perfect thing which you need.


Come out of your comfort zone and look for attractive wall color schemes instead of the boring all-white ceiling and walls. You can get some color inspiration from the movies as well. Here we have picked five attractive color schemes that are inspired by a few films.


The Grand Budapest Hotel

This comedy flick is a great film to look for color inspiration as the director of the film used specific color palettes that make you fall in love. In most of the scenes, you can notice the color shades of pinks and purple which are an excellent choice to go for a living room or your kid’s bedroom. You can even balance these colors a little by picking some neutral shades of brown. Talk to our experts at Painters Gold Coast to know more.


The Revenant

This intriguing film portrays the struggle of a man for revenge and survival. This film has shown some visually appealing scenery which is breathtaking. The muted blues and gray shades are what you are going to like, and it might even inspire you to paint your room.


Moulin Rouge

This film is full of love, life, entertainment, and fun. Moulin Rouge is a musical film, and this classic film has shown some rich and bold tones of pinks, cream, purple, and gold. When paired with the right furniture, you can achieve the same cabaret look of Moulin Rouge. Our paint specialists at Commercial Painters Gold Coast can help you with your painting exercise.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens

This marvelous film is one of the best in the franchise, and one can notice many things particularly in the scenes that took place in the dusty and sandy planet of Tattoine. Looking at these scenes will remind you of the nude beige and sandy brown shades. You can create a balance with the look by using contrasting colors such as neutral shades of brown and black. It would be an excellent choice to paint your living room or bedroom.


Finding Dory

One of the most loved films of the decade-Finding Dory inspires you to paint your walls with different shades of blue. Inspired by the deep blue sea, you can splash your walls with beautiful shades of blue, and your room looks calm and serene. Painting your study room or your kid’s bedroom with the different shades of blue will give you some beach vibes.


Talk to our experts at Painter Gold Coast to find the right shades of colors you want to paint your walls. Our expert will help you choose the right color you have been looking after. We will provide the best services at an affordable cost. Sign up with an agreement and get assured of the quality.

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Stephen Lockyer
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