Painting the walls is one of the simplest ways to renew your living space. A coat of paint can transform the ambiance of the room to a great extent. We often see plain walls coated with classic colors since they are easy to achieve. But, there are other simple ways to make the walls look beautiful with colors, and you can add your personal touch as well. Here are a few tips on how you can use different patterns to add glamour to your plain walls.



It is an easy-to-adapt concept, and you can use it for any style right from regal, princess theme, or retro. It depends on the colors you choose by the way. Besides its appeal, horizontal stripes make your room look spacious while the vertical ones can create an illusion of a higher roof. Two favorite colors, masking tape, and a lot of patience can help you achieve this look. Our paint experts at House Painters Gold Coast can help create this theme knowing your preferences. Talk to our experts to know more.


Abstract Design

Abstract designs are for artists, adventure lovers, and dreamers. Paint what you love with different colors, shapes, lines, and symbols.


Brick Patterns

Brick patterns can create an illusion of a castle or a quaint house, and if you have always dreamt of living there, then this pattern is for you. You can achieve this look by stamping a brick-sized sponge on your wall surface.


Wood Effects

Love the wood theme you find at resorts? Why not get it in the comfort of your home? To create the wood effect, use your brown paint, and work your brush over the entire wall surface with different color variations and high natural streaks. However, you have to work your brush in one consistent direction. To get a natural look, try adding some dots and swirls.


Ombre Shades

Can’t decide with a few colors for your wall? Pick Ombre, and you can get the best of all. To achieve an ombre look, you have to decide where you want the colors to mix on your walls and mark them accordingly. Paint over the marked areas with your color choices and blend them well until you get the ombre shade you have been looking. Our paint experts at Painters Gold Coast can help you achieve the same look giving it a professional finish.


Rough Look

Have you ever seen walls that have a rugged look which is stylish and unique? Retexturing the walls with cement can create a mess, and it would be a problem later. You can achieve the same look with paintwork as well. To get that look, use textured paint.


Our paint specialists have years of experience in providing painting services and are trained to help you achieve any look. Talk to our paint experts at Painter Gold Coast to know more about the painting services we offer. Call us to book your appointment, and we are here to help you.

Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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