Are you looking for some hottest interior paint for your house? We Painters Gold Coast are painting expert and will introduce some hottest interior paint that you can consider.


Paints are the core element of your home that represents your personality and lifestyle. Here we are listing five hottest interior paints that can make you wow.
Have a look.


#1 Clark+Kensington: River Rapids 29B-3

This paint is not just soothing and renewing, but it also has the perfect lightness to brighten the particular space. Thus overall beauty and appearance of your premises will get boosted. We, at Painter Gold Coast, recommend peoples to use this paint anywhere they wish to create relaxing space like bedrooms and family rooms. Overall, it’s one of the hottest paint that can improve appearance and beauty of the interior of your house.


#2 Behr: In the Moment T18-15

Being the expert, we House Painters Gold Coast recommend T18-15 to individuals seeking the perfect balance between green and blue. A matte and eggshell finish will be perfect for your bedroom and bathroom respectively. Remember, the higher will be the sheen, the easier it will be to clean. However, if you want the stunning look, we recommend you to consider painting only one wall of your room in the glossy sheen.


#3 Sherwin-Williams: Oceanside SW6496

According to the manufacturing company, this paint can be described as the mysterious and a rich green-blue hue and yes what they said is true. We Painters Gold Coast recommend individuals to mix this paint with creams, whites or warm metallic tones and deep rich tones and then opt for their bedrooms, hall and for almost anywhere to enhance the interior look of their house. So, considering this paint for interior can be one of your wise decision.


#4 Benjamin Moore: Caliente AF-290

It’s vivid, charismatic and yet livable. It will make you fall in love with colored walls and doors. We recommend this paint, especially to those red lovers. If you’re comfortable with red and you love the color, you can paint your doors and walls with this paint to wake up your space. It has nothing to disappoint you if you like red.


#5 Olympic: Black Magic OL116

It’s a pure black, in fact, blackest black paint. It can make the interior of your home look really wow. Whether it’s about panel of your bookcase, inside doors of your house, or behind your flat screen TV, this paint will surely make you and others wow. The colors are so dark that it will make your TV invisible once you off the screen. It will create the most comfortable and relaxing space for your living.We House Painters Gold Coast recommend this paint to all black lovers. Isn’t it the best pain listed in this list with great features and usage?



So these are the hottest trendy paints of 2018 that we House Painters Gold Coast recommend you to consider. I’m sure you will get satisfactory experience and will be able to boost the beauty and appearance of the interior of your home.


Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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