Having the dark interior for house is the best way to boost the appearance of your interior space. If you’re planning to opt dark paint interior design, being an expert we, at Painters Gold Coast, are sharing some key tips that you must consider if you’re choosing dark interior for your house.


#1 Start with Choosing the Right Room

We at House Painters Gold Coast know that dark shades are best to boost the appearance of your room and space, but the statement is limited up to an extent. So, avoid painting your every room with dark shades as it will probably be too much of a good thing. We at recommend individuals to consider natural lighting and ceiling height as two vital elements while choosing a room. For example, if your kitchen has wide windows and high ceiling, probably a dark wall color will do magic and create the focal point in a space that’s already bright and light.

#2 Walls Are Not Everything

We at House Painters Gold Coast suggest individuals who love the dark color but don’t want to paint their entire house using the same paint to consider dark color as an ancient. Dark finishing the wood material is the sophisticated approach to enhance appearance of any space, especially dark entry door can create character.

#3 Choose the Right Color

We Painters Gold Coast recommend peoples to not pick any hue that they like just to enhance the dark shade, instead think about the compatibility. Combing dark tones with pattern can be a great idea to improve the overall look and appearance. Moreover, if you want to balance the look, you can include neutrals in the design as inspiration for wood flooring and carpet.

#4 Paint Black

We at House Painters Gold Coast think that black paints in small proportion throughout the house can be extremely versatile with other accents. For example, Color of the year 2017 by Benjamin Moore can be a best vibrant color for your bathroom when combined with white tiles, brass plumbing fixtures, and cream cabinetry.

#5 Say No To Cave Like Ambience

By considering right accessories and ample lighting, you can efficiently enhance the look of the dark interior and avoid all the negative factors that diminish the appearance. Being an expert, House Painters Gold Coast suggest individuals choose the mirror with a pale frame that can add contrast by reflecting light and light fixtures that matches and enhance room finishes.

#6 Say NO to Downsizing

Dark walls can make your room look smaller. So we at Painters Gold Coast advice people to consider an open concept based space with several doors and windows. If space has the high ceiling, that’s another decisive factor.


So these are some of the essential tips that we House Painters Gold Coast think you must consider if you’re going over to the dark side. Hope the content was really informative and helps you to be more creative.


Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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