Many people find it confusing to decide whether it is time to renovate their home or they can postpone the renovation work to next year. There are a number of things to consider when deciding whether it is time to renovate your home, from the existing condition of the home to your budget and what needs the attention most.


Most of the people put of renovation until they have to, which is always a good time to begin planning, but before you start noticing some major repair and renovation issues like tired and lifeless windows or a damp patch in a section of your room, save yourself some effort, time and money before things turn out to be disastrous.


Examine your home for signs of damage


Some of the primary signs that your home may need a renovation may be when you begin to notice your paint looking lifeless and dull. Whether inspecting the interior of your home or exterior, keeping on tab of your paint work will assist to keep your home looking clean and fresh.


While keeping your home in check with paint jobs here and there will assist keep your home looking tidy and clean, you can also avoid bigger interior house painting Gold Coast jobs until later.


Should I renovate?


Only because you can afford to renovate your home, doesn’t mean it is time to take up the renovation job. You should consider all the pros and cons before you start renovation project.


As compared to relocating, renovating is pocket friendly. Avoid all the hassle and legal formalities that come with moving by renovating your home to meet your changing requirements.

Invest in functional, durable and beautiful fittings and fixtures

Improved resale value



Temporary inconvenience during the renovation. You might have to move out of your home.

Potential to overcapitalize and overspend

What should I renovate?


If you have no plans of selling your home in a coming few years but you want more space or need to renovate to infuse new life in your surroundings, then renovating is a wise idea. As a result, instead of buying the cheapest bathroom fixtures or painting in cheap VOC colors, you should emphasize on buying high quality fixtures and fitting and choose colors that you actually love.


Many people choose to renovate their homes with an extension, patio construction or re-purposing an unused garage into a kid’s room. The most common rooms to consider are:






Patio or deck


New flooring


Extra bedroom


Interior House Painting


By focusing your renovation on right and important parts of your home, you can easily ensure that you are making an investment in lifestyle that will improve the look and feel of your home as well as improve its value and life.

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