Everybody has his or her favorite color, but if you have noticed some colors make you feel in a particular way. That is the idea of color psychology, the concept that colors evoke mental, emotional and behavioral response and thus can affect your mood.


Some aspects of color psychology are subjective. Probably the yellow color makes you feel happy as it reminds you of your sunflower farm, for example. However, some aspects of color psychology have general effects.
Color psychology suggests that you can choose colors depending on the feel you want for your home or a particular room. For example, some colors help you create an energetic and lively mood while others allow you to create a relaxing and charming feel.

So, depending on the sections of your house and the desired and apt mood and feel, you can choose the right paint color. If you are interested in using colors to create particular emotions and moods in the rooms of your home, you will find the following tips helpful.

Warm vs. cool colors


Before we talk about particular colors, let us being in general terms and understand the differences in emotion and mood from warm versus cool Yberry Info Systemcolors. In a basic color wheel, there are six basic colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. On dividing the wheel in half, you will see warm and cool colors.


Warm colors include:





Cool colors include:




Warm colors remind us of heat and sunlight. Thus, they create an inviting, energetic, lively and warm space. On the other hand, cool colors have an association with sky, water and nature. Thus, they bring out a peaceful, relaxing and calming feel.


Here is how you can use color psychology to make paint color choices:

  • What will be the main function of the room?

What will the room be used for? What you will be doing in that room? Who will be using the room and what type of look and feel you want for the room?

  • Choose colors that will help set up the desired mood as well as matches the function

This will allow you to set up the right mood and feel of the room as well as the inhabitants who will be using the room for a particular purpose.


Let’s discuss about the psychological effects of a few popular colors and what they work best in.

Warm Colors


Red: It is the most powerful and energetic color. Studies show that it can increase your blood pressure, adrenaline and speed up your breathing and heart rate. It is a great choice if you want to create an exciting and lively mood in a room. It is a great choice for dining rooms as it can increase metabolism and thus appetite. You can also consider red for your living room.

Yellow: Yellow is connected with the sunshine, thus, it stimulated happiness and warmth. For fun, cheery and uplifting tone, soft yellow is a nice choice. However, bright yellow in a room can cause anger and frustration. Yellow is popularly used in bathrooms, dining rooms and kitchens.


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