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For most of us, a good quality paint is that which covers well, goes on smoothly, and lasts longer. While everything looks the same in the can, finding a good quality paint can be difficult. Both the reputation and price are good indicators of quality.


In fact, a good quality paint saves you work and a lot of money. Talk to our paint expert from Commercial Painters Gold Coast who can advise you with the best quality paint before you get your painting exercise done.


Here are the things you need to consider:


Spend More On Good Quality

Good quality paints cost more for the ingredients in it. They have a higher percentage of titanium oxide which is used to determine the covering ability and other additives which increase durability.


Provides Better Coverage

A good quality paint provides better coverage when compared to the ordinary one. For instance, if you apply top quality paint and an ordinary one with the same spread rate, the former provides better coverage. It means you can finish the task with two coats rather than three.


Contains more solid materials:


A can of top quality paint has a higher volume of solid materials including the binder and the pigment, unlike the ordinary ones. For instance, top quality acrylic paints mean more solids and less water.


Look At The Luster

Luster refers to the degree of shine. Usually, the higher the gloss, the better would be the finish which stands up to abrasions, stains, and cleaning. Ask our paint specialist at House Painter Gold Coast to get expert advice on choosing the top quality paint.


Have Better Chalk Resistance

All the paints contain three components- Pigments, Solvents, and Binders. Top quality paints have higher levels of premium pigments such as titanium oxide. It is the reason why they are more chalk resistant to exterior exposure and provide better color retention and last for a long time.


Feel The Texture

Top quality paint will have a smooth and silky texture, unlike the ordinary one which has a hard and gritty feel when you test it with your thumb. Ordinary ones have less expensive pigment compounds such as talc and clay which can’t be finely ground when compared to the pigments available in the top quality paints.


Minimizes Mess

The hard part about painting is the mess made during the application of the paint. By choosing top quality paints, you can reduce it.


We at Painters Gold Coast can help you sort your painting tasks quickly and provide you with the best quality painting services.


Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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