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With all the things that you must keep in mind when choosing a commercial or residential painter Gold Coast, one that people generally forget is to check about the insurance of the professional. After all, so much risk is involved in spreading paint on a wall? And even if the risk is small, it is a lot better to be covered, if by chance something unexpected happens.

What could happen? What are the house painting risks?

  • Personal injury: Professional home painters are used to working on ladder and in strange positions. However, there is always risk of falling. Also, any use of chemicals or tools presents a hazard. Worker’s compensation insurance ensures that no matter how an accident takes place, the homeowner is free of any liability.
  • Equipment falling: With ladders and other types of equipment and lifts, there is always a risk of fall. If a ladder damages your windows or if a paint can falls on your wood floor and dent the floor, your home is protected and damage will be covered.
  • Paint spills: A reputed home painter Gold Coast will be very careful to cover floor, furniture and fixture. Despite being careful, unexpected accidents can take place, and if at all any such incidence takes places, all the property damage will be completely covered by the insurance.

A fully insured home and commercial painter in Gold Coast

Repaint Pro is an established and leading painting company service Gold Coast wide. We are very careful about carrying worker’s compensation insurance. Besides, we use all the methods and preventive measures to avoid any type of damage to your property. Like we use new cover sheets in all our painting projects and ensure that your flooring, furniture and fixtures remain safe from any spills of paint and don’t get dirty.

Also, all our commercial and home painters Gold Coast are experienced and skilled. They follow right approach to reduce the risk of accidents and mishappenings. We only use best-quality equipment and tools when painting your home or commercial space. So, when hiring team of Repaint Pro for your residential and commercial painting project, so you can rest assured about great services and complete customer satisfaction.

Also, all our professionals are insured, so you can have complete peace of mind that if by chance anything goes wrong it will be taken care of properly.

Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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