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Repaint Pro follows a step-by-step process to ensure that your kitchen cabinets are painted in a professional way that make them look amazing and beautiful. Today, kitchen remodeling is one of the costliest upgrades. However, the expenses can be significantly reduced by having your kitchen cabinets repainted. As the cabinets are the major focal point in the kitchen, painting them is the best way to enhance the look of your kitchen area and improve the value of your house.

The step-by-step approach to painting kitchen cabinets


Repaint Pro follows a particular process to ensure that kitchen cabinets are painted perfectly.


Prepping and painting the cabinet drawers


The Gold Coast painters then remove the hardware from the doors and drawers of the cabinetry (pulls, knobs and hinges). The drawers are also cleaned, de-glossed and sanded and then primer is applied. Generally one coat of primer is applied for every two coats of paint. The corners, joints and seams of the doors are then caulked in order to apply the topcoat.


Prepping and painting the inside cabinets

A coat of primer is applied before caulking the corners, joints and the seams. This process guarantees a factory-looking finish as it removes any gaps or seams. Then a top coat of paint is sprayed and applied on the interior of the cabinets.


Prepping and painting the cabinet doors

The same process like drawers is followed to prep and paint the cabinet doors. The front of the doors are cleaned, de-glossed and sanded on both the sides. A coat of primer is applied before caulking the door. After the primer has been applied on the back of the door, the painters paint the kitchen walls while they wait for the finish to dry.


Finalizing the paint work

Once the paint is dried, the painters install the hardware on the drawers and doors in order to complete the work and put them in working condition.


If you are considering getting timber work or complete home painted, feel free to contact Repaint Pro. Repaint Pro has been providing interior exterior painting services in Gold Coast from past over 20 years and has experience of painting both homes and offices. Our team of painters is experienced, skilled and learned. They have complete knowledge about latest painting trends and color trends and provide satisfactory services.

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