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Are you planning to freshen up your home and apply a fresh coat of paint in 2016? Whether considering painting the interior or exterior of your home because of its seriously weathered look or you want to redecorate it to give it a new look, it is always recommended to do a bit research about the best color choices that can enhance the look and feel of your home.

For 2016, here we are looking at a few of the best and most popular color schemes and how you can use them to improve your interior. So far we have seen that natural, smooth colors are popular this year. Remember you should always consider colors closely.

  • Theo ocean look

This look is suitable for various styles and sizes of homes. In order to create this look various shades of blue, aqua and teals are used. Also, whites and off-whites are used. This serene, calm palette has a very unique soothing effect and can work with numerous additional colors like cream, brown, maroon and purple. This works effectively in living room or a lounge area instead of a kitchen or dining room.

  • Happy yellows

Shades of bright colors and warm greys, most preferably yellows, help to create a fresh, uplifting environment that looks equally charming in summers as well as cooler months. You must be aware of the fact that mood of a room can have a significant effect on your mood. The bright tones of colors help you in creating positive atmosphere.

  • Coffee inspired

As name suggests the concept here is to mix various shades of beige and browns with soft white colors, closely matching a café latte. When combined with the right type of furniture and warm light, this creates a cozy, homely feel. You can easily decorate these types of rooms with antique decorations or rustic items.

If you are not sure about the type of look and shades of colors to improve the interior of your home, feel free to contact Repaint Pro. Repaint Pro has been providing interior and exterior house painting services from past over 20 years in Gold Coast and surrounding areas. We have a team of knowledgeable, skilled, experienced and licensed painters, who know exactly how to give your home a new look and feel.

Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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