In our blog posts we have always used a term paint finishes and how important it is for the overall look and feel of your home. In this blog post we will discuss this term in detail and find out what exactly it means and how you can choose one for your home or office.

It is true that some surfaces are well-suited to particular finishes. You can use this blog post as a guide when selecting paint. Paints are manufactured in 5 primary finishes. These finishes include:

  • A matte or flat finish: A matter or flat finish is popular for its ability to cover surface imperfections or flaws. This type of finish is most popularly used for older wall surfaces or in rooms that are rarely used. A matte paint shouldn’t be used on walls that are washed often. You can find this finish in a paint or enamel-based formula. Flat enamel is usually used for walls along stairways, in living rooms, family and dining rooms.
  • Eggshell finishes: Eggshell finish is neither matter nor glossy. This is a great choice for rooms that receive a nice amount of traffic. This is a preferred choice of homeowners, as it is practical, attractive, easy to maintain and long-lasting. Stains can be easily cleaned with a dampened cloth. This finish is popular in children’s rooms, bathrooms, sun rooms, living areas or enclosed porches. Eggshell finish has a very soft look and it decreases the glare unlike gloss-type finishes.
  • Satin finishes: As compared to eggshell finishes, these are slightly shinier. They also provide a nice covering for huge traffic areas and can be maintained easily. This finish is popular in areas like sunrooms, where a gloss may reveal some unwanted glare from the sun. This finish is easy to clean, so you can used it in your living and family rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchen and the bathroom. You can also use this finish to paint cabinets, trims, window sills and doors. In short, we can say this paint can be used for most of the surface areas in the home.
  • Semi-gloss paint finishes: This type of paint finish is popular for its durability and washability. The paint has medium sheen and it is suitable for moderate and high-traffic locations. Easy to wash, the paint is used on trims and woodwork and is generally used for covering the walls of a children’s room as well as the walls in the bathroom or kitchen. The finish generally features a visible shine and is often used in areas of the home that are high on moisture like bath. When using the paint in rooms with high-moisture content, ensure you look at paints that also provide mildew-resistance.
  • Gloss: Of all paint finishes, this finish delivers the maximum amount of durability. Due to the shine produced by the paint, it is more popularly used on smaller area surfaces which are older. You can use gloss finish to highlight the woodwork on doors, trim and small architectural elements. The highly washable paint is a right choice for woodwork and cabinets.

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