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You have got your roast in the oven that will be ready just in time for when your guests arrive. You hear the doorbell announce that finally you get to show off all the hard work you have put into redecorating your home over the last couple of months.


You are more than confident that they will be awed and you will grab the title of ‘Who’s got the best apartment.


You then begin getting complements over the new furniture and decorations when one question shatters your dream. They ask you if the faded paint is a new trend now in interior design. That is when you look at it again and your smile fades just as much.


These three simple tips will keep you from having to go through such a situation.


Choose the Right Colors – Fading is all about how much light is hitting the painted wall. The sunlight has ultraviolet rays that break down bonds in the paint in a process that is called photodegradation. The more frequent the wall is exposed to the rays, the faster the rate of photodegradation.


As you may have already made out, not all the colors will photodegrade in the same ways. For instance, black would absorb more heat and thus it would be more susceptible to moisture and photodegradation than a color like white.


To choose the right colors your priority lies in picking light colours for places that will be getting a lot of sun and the dark colors for the other locations. In order to make sure you do not have it all come off awkward, keep the colors that you want exactly where you want but talk to a Painter Gold Coast respects and inquire as to the different hues and tones available.


Consider the Surface – Color is not the only thing you need to think about when talking to the Commercial Painters Gold Coast has to offer. The paint has to be right for the material that it is going to go on. For example, if the paint was made for the inside of your house, painting the outside with it only means that it will not be as resistant to the elements.


Consider the Paint – Another thing to focus on when talking to the painters Gold Coast has listed is the quality of the paints that you are going to choose from.


If you go for high-quality paint then you can rest assured that it will take longer to fade in the elements than their counterparts.


In addition to adhering to the surface better thus preventing fading, high-quality paints will also not stink, rapidly crack or develop air bubbles after application. Last but not least high quality paint is highly adaptable to the varying weather changes.


Follow the above three tips when it comes to choosing your colours and types of paints if you want to be able to smile for the long term about your paintwork.

Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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