If you were to survey homeowners in your area as to what colors they would go with for their walls, chances are that a majority will opt for neutral colors. The simple reason is that they are scared a stunning color may look really great to some and really awful to others. If you are looking to spice up your life and go away from the dull neutrals found in every other home, below are some great ideas for you to begin with.

Greek Legend (NP AC 2113 A)

The best way to describe Greek Legend would be that it is two shades darker than what Pantone chose as Color of the Year. Most of the Commercial Painters Gold Coast has to offer will advise you to try it for a modern living room. Interior designers recommend beige-brown furniture to then bring down the final tone of the entire room. Green vases or decorations here and there will also go a long way to tying it all together.

Lemon Yellow (NP YO 1090P)

Lemon Yellow is one of those yellow paints that actually attract you instead of giving you that sickly mindset. It can go a long way to making the room seem like a happy place to be. The best colors for the furniture you decide to place where there is a lemon yellow background would be blue and white. Make the furniture as modern and minimalistic as you possibly can.

Alpine Pink (NP R 1289D)

If you should ask what would be the best color to paint your girls’ room, a lot of the house painters Gold coast boasts of will say Alpine Pink. If for an area not specifically for girls then entryways are a good bet. It will be a warm welcome for you as well as your guests

Puritan Black (NP N 1982D)

If you go to 5 homes or commercial spaces nowadays you will most likely find one or more are in shades of gray. Gone are the days of thinking that gray brings down the mood. If you are trying not to go all out, you can use the Puritan Black on only one wall so that it will be in contrast with the rest of the room. Minimalist furniture works well if you decide to do more than one wall.

Pitter Patter (NP N 1933D)

Pitter Patter is a shade of brown that if paired well with black or white furniture, will make for the best of cozy spaces. Going for minimalist wood furniture and decorations will give it a Swedish vacation home look.

Blue Entry (NP BGG 1574T)

The best way to describe Blue Entry is to think “beach waves”. It is the kind of blue that would give your living or working space a resort feel. It goes great with furniture from light wood like pine but also works with darker colors like a gray sofa.

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