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The curb appeal of your home is helpful in two major aspects when selling your home: how quick you will be able to sell and how much money you will get. When you take care of the exteriors, potential buyers will be more keen to see the interiors. Ignore the exterior details and be ready to keep reducing the list price, trying to attract a buyer and close the deal fast.


Thankfully, not all exterior upgrades have to burn a hole in your pocket. Even on the tightest budget, there are projects you can do to improve the curb appeal and attract potential buyers. It just needs a little hard work and attention to detailing. Below are some of the simplest upgrades for people on a budget.


1. Paint The Trim

Painting your complete property may be a little too costly, but adding a new coat of paint to the trim can make your home look vibrant and fresh and needs very little financial investment. Color selection is vital for resale, so choose a color wisely, one completing the rest of the home. A professional painter Gold Coast can help you in choosing the best color scheme.


2. Add Some Green

Hiring professionals for landscaping can prove costly, but by spending a few hours and getting some nice ornamental plants can work wonderfully to beautify your home. Just add a few ornamental trees, place a few shrubs strategically and go for a couple of flower bed to transform your yard and give your home a catchy look. The great thing is that plants are comparatively cheap and it just needs a little bit of your time.


3. Go for Deep Cleaning

Our driveways, sidewalks and porches take a lot of toll daily and hardly get any attention. Dirt and grime get embedded into them and it starts looking very dirty. A good, through deep clean with a pressure washer can wash away all the dirt and grime and return your investment to its original beauty.


The house painters Gold Coast at the Repaint Pro are ready to help you transform your home’s exterior. We specialize in House and Commercial Painting and provide comprehensive services at reasonable rates. For details, feel free to give us a call now.


Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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