Exterior house painting is not an easy job because a lot planning and research needs to be done before starting the process. Choosing the wrong color scheme can spoil the complete look of your home making it a silly joke amongst your neighbors. Simultaneously, by making a smart decision and listening to helpful suggestions you can make your home to be the most elegant and welcoming in the locality. The result completely depends on the efforts and time you invested during planning and putting things together after understanding the color schemes and certainly the hard work really pays eventually.


Step into the world of exterior painting schemes to understand more about the top generic styles that you can use to enhance the market potential of your home by making it catchier.


    • Tricolored exterior house painting scheme: As name suggests, in this scheme 3 colors are used. All the 3 colors are present in equal distance in the palette spectrum. To use this scheme, hiring professional exterior house painting services is essential as it is a complicated and a messy scheme. Without expert advice you can’t be sure how the home will turn out- vibrant, silly, dull or wacky. On the other hand, with professional help the tricolored exterior house painting scheme can turn out to be sparkling, brilliant, beautiful and very attractive.


    • Complementary exterior house painting scheme: This color scheme provides the perfect platform for experimenting with two complementary colors for the outdoors. Complementary colors are the ones that are present opposite in the palette spectrum. The home gets an overall sparkling and lively appeal with the great combination of two shades. When choosing the colors make sure one is bright and dominant and the other 2 or 3 complements are look perfectly.


  • Single colored exterior house painting scheme: As name suggests, in this scheme only one color is used to paint the exterior of a home along with a few shades of the same color in order to highlight particular facets. This scheme is also commonly called as monochromatic color scheme. It is the most popular color scheme. It is the safest option as you have to see if your choices of colors are going well together and simultaneously it gives a very uniform look to the exterior of your house.


Choosing the perfect scheme is one really important feature among many to make your home look perfect. Simultaneously, there are a number of other crucial features too to be considered like the professional help, quality of paint, season of coloring and budget.


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