So, you have just purchased a property for yourself and now you are considering getting it painted? Paint it before shifting the furniture. There are various advantages of painting your home or commercial property before moving in. Here we will be discussing a few of them.


Fewer accidents


Repaint Pro’s commercial painters are very skilled, but an accident can happen to anyone. Like, if a roller or brush accidentally falls on a piece of furniture, it could get damaged. Even though, painters are insured to cover such type of accidents, but better safe than sorry. So, it is the best choice to not have furniture in the premises that needs to be painted.


No paint on furniture


When there is no furniture, you don’t have to worry about your furniture getting dirty and colored with paint. Even though, we always cover the floor with cover sheets, and when there is furniture and objects, we cover them too.


Decrease your bill


Clearly, as the commercial painting Gold Coast services are charged on per hour basis, so when the painter doesn’t have to waste time moving furniture around and covering them, a huge amount of time will be saved. So, your bill will be lesser when there is no furniture in your office.


Improve productivity


Decrease your painting time significantly. The reason why painting without any furniture increases the productivity is very simple, as there is no furniture so you are not required to cover up anything before the job can be started. Also, there is no need to move the furniture around when painting the walls or ceiling. Therefore, the painters can move freely, which improves their productivity.


Of course, we are very much comfortable painting a fully furnished building, but if you are planning a move then it is better you get it painted before shifting your stuff. Our team of painters move and cover all the furniture before even they take out the paint from the truck. So, you can rest assured about the aesthetics and cleanliness of your stuff when getting a furnished house or office painted.


Repaint Pro is backed by over 20 years of experience and have successfully completed hundreds of painting projects which includes interior, exterior, residential and commercial painting projects. To know more or for more details, give us a call now.

Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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