Oil painting is indeed not for everybody. It is very different from the usual latex paints. It requires some additional painting skills for successful execution. But does it mean you need to do some extra-ordinary or magical things before you can do it well? The answer is indeed NO. There are some very vital tips that some people take for granted while executing oil painting projects, and those tips is what you are about to find out in this post


Avoid Using Any Brush

If you have not coasted deep into the art of painting, it will be hard for you to know that not all brushes work with oil paints. You should be able to distinguish between latex and oil paints and also know that they use different brushes. Hence, the next time you run into a shop to get a brush you want to use for oil painting, you should look at the brushes’ handle, there is an inscription on it – for oil paints. Painters Gold Coast can make your dream come true as a would-be professional painter.


Better Ventilation

Some painters get fed up quickly when they start painting surfaces with oil paints, and it takes like forever for the whole thing to dry up. Well, you cannot blame the oil paints, and it is high time you stopped cursing because it’s just the way the paint is manufactured. Oil paints take a significant amount of time before they dry up. So assuming that the paint will dry up as if it were latex paints, is indirectly saying that you don’t know so much about oil paints. Improve the ventilation of the room you are painting by positioning a fan in the doorway. So if you can improve the air circulation of the place you are painting, the oil paint can dry up within lesser time. That is how House Painters Gold Coast do it.


Lesser Flexibility

Do you want to finish off your painting nicely on a surface? Hard finishes are better done with oil paints. Oil paints are not as flexible as latex paints. So do not make the mistake of painting a surface with oil paint and you find out that that was not the color you intended for that surface. You need to be doubly sure of what color you want on that surface before you apply oil paints. This is the painting strategy executed by Commercial Painters Gold Coast whenever they go for commercial painting projects.


In conclusion, you may need to be more careful when using oil paints for your painting projects, but that does not mean that painting with oil paints is a much difficult task. That is by no means true because if you have all these tips at the back of your hands, you can be sure of a swift and painless painting experience. Painter Gold Coast is your most preferred partner when you want to hand out oil painting projects.

Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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