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Give a professional painter and an amateur painter separate paint brushes and assign them different areas to paint. You can tell the difference right away. The pro is always going to do it better than the amateur. Ordinarily, as an amateur, if you take a look at how a pro paints, you cannot help but ask yourself when you will become that skillful. This post is going to help start you off on the right path so you can paint more like a pro Painter Gold Coast and less like an amateur.




This is probably the first place you need to start your progression as a painter. What do you know about brushes and rollers? Are you aware of the different brushes and rollers that are suitable for different paints? For instance, the brush that is suitable for latex paints may not be suitable for oil paints. If as a painter who had been assigned a painting job you end up using the wrong kind of brush, then you are merely telling your client that you don’t know what you are doing.Commercial Painters Gold Coast teaches you more on how you can use the best rollers and brushes for the appropriate paints.


Smoother Surfaces


Do not start painting the surfaces of wherever you want to paint right away because you are excited you have been given a painting task to undertake. Painting a surface is far less stressful when you ensure the surface is smooth. So you need to smoothen the surface you are about to paint with the necessary tools before you start painting. Doing this will save you some stress and time, so you don’t end up using up more than the required amount of paint for a particular surface.


Floor Edges should be Taped


It is very easy to know if an amateur painter had painted a room. This is because amateur painters are fond of staining the floor with paint drippings. Splashing paints all over the floor makes your work look unprofessional. So for you to avoid this, tape the edges of the floor before you start painting. This single act makes your work appear neater.


Avoid Humid Days


Those who have no experience in painting do paint any time any day. But those with lots of experience know that you don’t paint every day because you can hardly influence your painting when it is not drying up the way you want. It is most preferably you paint on sunny days. Avoid painting on days that highly humid. The water in the atmosphere of a wet day increases the time it will take for your paint to dry up. For starters, House Painters Gold Coast don’t paint on humid days. We only do that when there is no other option.


Everybody wants to become a painter especially when they are painting their own house. Hence, if you’re going to do it like a professional, applying the above tips wherever necessary is going to help a lot. These tips will make you paint like the professionals at Painters Gold Coast.


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Stephen Lockyer
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