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Painting exterior brick is an important home improvement project- not only sue to the amount of effort and time it takes to complete the work, but also due to its performance. Before you start this job, consider whether paint is right for the brick exterior of your home and learn what the work will include.


Pros and cons of painting exterior brick

The right paint can give your home the required facelift. However, you must be confident about the color you choose, as it proves very complicated and usually, it is impossible to remove paint from brick. Also remember that painted brick may need repainting every 3-5 years to maintain its look.


Paint only mortar and brick that is in good shape. Paint blocks pores on brick’s surface, trapping moisture that has got in through the mortar. This can make paint chip off from the surface, leaving you with an unattractive surface.


If you have damaged mortar and bricks, they will need repair as part of the preparation process to guarantee great results.


Preparation work for painting a brick home

Begin this project with a detailed cleaning of the exterior brick. You can use soapy water and a strong brush or a pressure washer. Don’t be so hard on the brick surface that you end up damaging it.


Heavy-duty cleaners like diluted bleach and trisodium phosphate also may be needed to remove mold and efflorescence, respectively. Leave the surface to dry for at least 24 hours.


Staining a brick home

If you wish to keep more of the texture visible than along with paint, consider staining the exterior of your brick. It requires the same preparation work but may provide longer results as it won’t peel or chip. DIY kits are available, but when staining a large area of brick like the exterior of your home, professional painting Gold Coast services will prove helpful and the work will be done really fast.


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