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As a parent, you know how important your child’s room is. Baby room will be the place your baby sleeps, takes his first step and says her first word. It will also be the site of late night feedings, lullabies, cries, tantrums and diapers. You and your baby will spend long hours in the nursery, so it should be decorated in a manner you both love. As you start planning your dream room, here are a few tips to keep in mind.


  • Design a room that will be perfect for infants as well as preteens

Before the baby comes home, you have the freedom of starting from scratch and decorating an empty room. It is a lot difficult to redecorate once your baby is using the nursery. Using the right interior painting technique will allow your design to look perfect well beyond infancy and into childhood. You should also try using timeless prints and colors. Polka dots, chevrons and stripes will work perfectly for infants as well as preteens.


  • Encourage their imagination

Nurseries are usually designed around a theme. A room with a theme can capture the imagination and encourage creativity. Themes can be developed based on your aspirations or hobbies for your kid. You can try designing a travel themed room with vintage maps and globes of most popular travel destinations. You can also decorate nursery around science theme with solar system models and star charts.


  • Color or decorate the ceiling

Your new born will spend his first few months looking up, staring the ceiling. Sadly, the ceiling is usually forgotten when it comes to renovation. Replace the typical white paint for a bright splash of color or a catchy hue to give your little one a more interesting view. You can even paint interesting designs and objects to inspire your baby’s creativity.


  • Go beyond blue and pink

Pale shades of blue and pink are popular as the traditional colors of newborns. However, the sky is the limit when it comes to selecting colors for your baby’s room. The color you choose should be mainly influenced by the mood you wish to create. Soft grays highlighted with teal or yellow are apt and soothing for both the genders. Cherry, gold and rust combined to create a vintage look. High contrast colors like red, white and black are the simplest for kids to see as their vision develops.


If you are trying to achieve a different look, try deep purple, lilac and fuchsia for girls and navy, orange and red for boys. Gender neutral colors include- pale yellow or green. Cream, tan, aqua and coral work for both boys and girls.


  • Hire services of Gold Coast interior painters

It is true that the months after the birth of your new born will be some of the most hectic and busiest of your life. While designing your nursery is important, you may find it difficult to manage the time. In addition, expecting moms may not feel comfortable working on the ladder, handling tools and moving furniture, also this can be risky. There are professional Gold Coast interior painters that can take care of the hard work of making your design a reality. If you hire professional painting Gold Coast services, all you have to do is sit back and see your new baby home acquire a perfect look.


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