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People usually put serious efforts in choosing the right paint colors for the walls of their home in order to create just right look. However, usually, people overlook the potential of the largest paintable surface of house: the ceiling. Ceilings work as the fifth wall, and you can easily change the feeling of a room by only picking the right hue for the ceiling.


In recent years, accent ceilings have become popular. Whether you are painting the ceiling throughout your home, or want to create a special look in one room, painting the fifth wall makes a completely customized look that adds to the overall beauty and appeal of your house.


Go beyond white

If you think white paint color is the only choice for ceiling, then you are mistaken. Light hues accentuate or add ceiling height and are perfect for rooms where you want to increase the feeling of openness, like areas with low ceilings and smaller spaces. By painting your ceiling with a lighter shade of your main wall color you can create visual unity while adding dimension.


Same color throughout the 5 walls

By painting your ceiling in the same shade as the walls, you can give your home an elegant, cohesive look. You can also try painting trim in the same shade for a continuous plane of color to create a modern, immersive feel that will be eye-pleasing. You also go with contrast style with continual wall and ceiling color scheme by putting door trim, crown moldings and baseboards center stage and painting them white.


Boosting coziness

Larger spaces and rooms with very high ceilings can look plain and cold when the ceilings are white. Using a hue many shades darker than the wall color will visually make the ceiling low while adding coziness and warmth to change a sterile space into an inviting abode. By choosing paints with a little sheen you can increase the appeal of darker ceilings.


Make the most of design features

Ceiling paint provides you many possibilities for highlighting design features in your home. Painting coffered ceilings or tray ceilings in deeper hues will create an attention grabbing look and highlight architectural detaining while adding dimension to your room. If there are wallpapers in your house, painting the ceilings the same color as the background of the paper, will create a complete look and give your ceilings a designer look matching the richness of the paper.


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