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When painting interior of your home, you are making a choice about how you want to feel in your home and the look you wish to give your home. With that in mind, Repaint Pro wants to give you the choices you must look for your family’s health when choosing paint for your home. That is why we take pride in providing our clients low VOC paints to keep your home beautiful as well as safe.


What are VOCs?

 VOC is an acronym for “Volatile Organic Compound”. This is any liquid except liquid in the composition of the paint that evaporates after it is used. Traditional alkyd and oil based paints are made with a thinner that provides smooth application. After being painted onto your walls or trim, the thinner evaporates, providing a silky, even finish.


Today, people have become more aware of the health hazards of the VOCs found in traditional wall paints. Paint manufacturers as a result, have developed new technologies to keep the amazing look without any dangers of VOCs.


How do VOCs affect health of your family?

 VOCs are known carcinogens, which mean they cause cancer. Long term exposure to VOCs can also damage your kidney, liver and central nervous system. In spite of the hazardous effects of VOCs, they are still used in many paints. In fact, if you don’t specifically choose a VOC free or low VOC paint from your painting contractor, the cream colored satin finish you choose for your living room or your kid’s bedrooms can all probably contain a thin layer of cancer causing particles that will keep evaporating for many weeks in the air you will breathe.


This is especially true during the winter season. People keep windows closed, so the only time fresh air gets in is when you open and close the door. Most homes have very little airflow between the outdoors and indoors in the winter, making your indoor air quality even more important as compared to other warmer months. So, it is really important to make a safe paint choice.


How to make a safe paint choice?

 Today, there are paints available that let you redecorate your home without putting your health as risk. Today many reputed paint manufacturers provide choices of paints with lower VOC levels that only emit water vapor after they are applied.


Even though, low VOC options like water based or latex paints contain small amounts of VOCs, it is very minimal, not enough to affect your health. However, applying these paints is little complicated, but Repaint Pro has a team of skilled house painters Moreland who can work with them easily to provide your loved ones a clean and safe surrounding.


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