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Recently interior and exterior home painting trends have changed significantly. From using typical calmer interior color schemes to trying out brighter and bolder hues, painting trends have changed significantly. This is mainly due to the fact that interior house painting has become a very expressive method. Certainly, there are some rules and guidelines for color schemes and style, but ultimately personal choices and taste is ruling the day.


What does this mean? This means that more and more homeowners are breaking the so called “rules” and going for stronger and bolder looks. And paint manufacturers are motivating this new trend by producing vibrant and stunning paint colors.


Going for a bold interior paint color


Generally, people think that it is better to consult interior designers before taking such a major step. But, it is not essential; you can find inspiration anywhere- online or even in your neighborhood. You can easily find interiors with bold interior colors.


It is also worthwhile to talk to interior house painters Gold Coast to create a style and strategy that will work for your home and your lifestyle. While working through the process and considering various options, here are a few tips to keep in mind that will assist you decide the right color scheme for your home.


    • White accents: If you want to make the wall color more noticeable, frame it by painting the trim with clean, crisp white color.


    • Colored accents: Rather than framing your wall colors with white trim, you can also go for the opposite by painting your trim with stronger color and painting your walls lighter. You can also use this technique to connect color scheme of various rooms. Just match the trim colors of all the rooms and the link will be created.


    • Built-ins: Do you have shelves or recessed cabinets? You can either paint the shelves or the walls behind it with a brighter or stronger color. This is also a great way to highlight any showcase or accent that may be on display.


    • Accent wall: This can be an interesting and easier way to include bold color in your interior. Paint only a wall or two with your color of choice. It can have an amazing effect, and it is also an effective way to make a great architectural feature stand out.


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