When it comes to interior painting, people pay all their attention on the walls and ensure that they look appealing and beautiful. This also makes sense as that is where the primary color is located, creating a focal point.

However, when painting your home you must pay at least some attention to your ceiling, if not equal. Ceilings are overhead, so they can feel a little out-of-mind and out-of-sight, but they are important to take into consideration.

Now when it comes to choosing a paint color for ceiling, generally people think that ceiling= white, but it is not true. Even your ceilings can be colored with catchy and beautiful colors, in harmony with the wall colors.


Choose the right sheen for your ceiling

Sheen is decided by the level of gloss of your paint. It is high-gloss, semi-gloss, eggshell, satin or flat? All these sheens have different levels of durability and reflectivity.


So, depending on the sheen of the paint colors of the wall, or the amount of reflectivity you want in your home you can decide whether you need semi-gloss or high-gloss paint for your ceiling.


So, what does this mean for your ceiling?

A ceiling doesn’t usually require very durable paint as it just doesn’t experience a lot of wear and tear. Also, you don’t have to worry about scuffs, finger smudges, stains or washing off crayon and marker.

This means that you can even go for flat paint for ceilings. It provides proper surface coverage, hides any imperfections beautifully and doesn’t draw a lot of attention to itself. If you wish to add a little extra brightness to your room, consider going for a slightly upper gloss by choosing satin finish.


Choosing the best ceiling color

You can definitely paint your ceiling in any color you want, but usually light colors are chosen as it creates the illusion of a taller space. Also, light color creates brighter look and make your home or room feel more open and provides a needed break and contrast from your walls. A darker color can make your room feel very compact and closed.


Do you need a professional, painter Gold Coast?

The Repaint Pro painting team would love to be part of your next home or residential painting project. We would love to hear back from you and answer your questions related to paint color and sheen. Give us a call now to know more.

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Stephen Lockyer
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