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Reading Your Painting Quote Is Important

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Reading Your Painting Quote Is Important

Everyone wants the best value for their dollar.  From time to time when we quote a job the owner already has other prices to go through.

At this point it is vital “YOU CHECK” the other  painters have stipulated in their quote what they are going to do and how they are going to do it.  Along with the brand, and name of paint they are going to use on your property.

Many times we see other quotes that exclude every bit of detail that should be included.  Some painters dont stipulate the type of paint used or even the brand, they dont go into any detail with regards to preparation or what they will use as undercoat.  Having all this written into the quote holds the painter to account and leaves you with piece of mind that you “should” get what you have paid for.

Below is a quick example of what happens when undercoat and preparation are left out of the equation.  This door was previously painted with an oil based enamel paint. The new painters just came along and applied two coats of acrylic gloss over the top.  The paint stays long enough to get paid for the job but will fail down the track.  The sanding and undercoat of these doors were completely left out of the prep work.

Now this owner’s initial “price” to paint the house may have been $1000 cheaper.  But now the “Cost” of painting has to include the money to fix up these mistakes, inclusive of peeling the failing coats away!

Please, don’t let the lack of detail and a good “price” sway you into thinking you will be infront “cost” wise!  Read the quote and ask questions!

No undercoat on doors
No undercoat on doors
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