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When it comes to getting your painted, the very first question that hits your mind is how much paint you will need to redo a room or a complete home. This certainly depends on the size or area to be painted as well as the number of paint coats required to cover the surface well.

A number of people find it confusing to decide that how many coats of paint would be needed to give the home or a room desired look and feel. Well, there is no specific answer to this, the number of paint coats essential to cover the original paint well depends on a number of factors and here we will discussing a few of them.

  • The technique used to apply paint

The idea of paint coats, doesn’t apply to spray painting. Certainly, in case of traditional roller and brush technique, there are a few limitations in the quality of paint that can be applied. This means that the paint coat will be almost the same thickness if you don’t want to have drips and if you don’t add water in the product. A painter that uses spray painting technique, adjusts the thickness of the coat and applies just one layer, with a few exceptions (for example, in cases when 2 layers are required, like in case of paint leaks or when it is too cold).

  • The porosity of the surface to be painted

The number of essential coats also depends on the porosity of the surface you are considering painting. Is the surface matt (porous) or smooth? A matt surface will accept a thicker coat of paint, therefore decreasing the number of required paint coats. When using the low quality paints, it often takes as much as 4 or 5 coat of paints to cover properly a smooth wall.

  • The color of the wall now and color you want after paint

If the present paint coat is orange, it will need more than one coat of white paint to cover it properly. The number of coats necessary to completely cover the previous paint depends on the quality of the used paint; this means the quantity of titanium oxide present in the white paint. When we use superior quality paint, you generally need to apply 203 coats of white to cover up a bright orange. If you are doing the opposite, you won’t need more than 2 coats.

By hiring services of best painters in Gold Coast, you can easily get rid of all this trouble and leave it to the experts to decide.

Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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