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Exterior painting services are essential to keep your commercial and residential space looking great and beautiful. As a result, one must hire exterior painting services once-in-a-while to give their exterior a face lift. But, most property owners delay the exterior paint job for a long. If you are also one of those individuals then we have good news for you.

By following some simple and effective tips you can increase the life of your exterior paint job by many years. Here are a few simple yet effective tips:

  • Emphasize on surface preparation: Before beginning to paint, ensure the wall surface is clean and dirt free. Make sure there is no mildew, mold, loose or peeling paint. Identify important areas that have no paint at all, either because the construction is new or because the old paint has completely worn off.
  • Right weather conditions are essential when painting: Apply exterior coat of paint on mild days, preferably when temperature is between 60 and 85 degree F, with little wind. This will allow the primer or paint to create a nice protective coat.
  • Begin with a coat of primer: Priming creates an adhesive surface on which paint can firmly adhere, decreasing the chances of peeling or blistering. In addition, the paint will have a uniform sheen and color. Alternatively, you must apply two or more coats of “primer and paint” products.
  • Use best quality 100% acrylic latex paint: As compared to typical house paint, they are lot more durable, flexible and adhere in a better way. These paints can provide services for 10 years or more, which is too much as compared to life expectancy of lower quality paint which is only 3 or 4 years.
  • Be very careful when choosing exterior colors: Earthtones provide better color retention while bright colors like bright red and blue, fade very quickly. Ask the home or Commercial Painters Gold Coast about your choice of colors and choose your hues carefully.
  • Apply thicker coats: Thicker coat of paint provides better protection. So, apply the paint freely and never dilute it. Paints are carefully made to be used directly for the longest-lasting protection.
  • Add an additional layer of paint: The extra coat will make the protective coat thicker and may easily increase the years of service.

By following the above mentioned tips, you can increase the life of your paint job to the maximum, and reduce the amount of exterior painting you will have to do for many years to come.

Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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