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So, you are considering staining your stain, but you are not sure that how to go about it? Well, deck staining is certainly not as easy job, especially if you have no experience of staining and painting. Generally, people feel that it doesn’t involve a lot of work and can be done without any help of exterior house painting services, but it is not true.


However, it is not impossible either. By understanding proper technique and approach, you can stain your deck quite nicely.


Here we are listing few dos and don’ts that you must keep in mind when staining your deck.


Top things you must do:

    • Never stain in rainy season. Also, before starting your staining project, make sure it won’t rain for at least next 48 hours after you apply the stain. Stain must get proper time to dry properly.
    • While staining, ensure that your balcony is in shade.
    • Check the moisture percentage of the wood. You can use hydrometer for the same. It is a small device that shows the moisture level of the wood. Moisture under 5% is excellent, under 10% is good and under 15% is okay. If your wood shows moisture level above 15% then it is not good.
    • Clean your deck before staining. Remove all greyness, grime and dirt. You must be more careful with cleaning if you will be using a non-opaque stain because the imperfections will be easily visible. You can easily find products that can make cleaning your deck easier. Pressure washing can also help clean your deck.
    • Apply stain with the help of a paintbrush. Brush and brush repeatedly to ensure it penetrates into the wood especially the first coat.


Top things you must not do:

    • Don’t stain if you are building a new deck with treated wood that has not been weathered from past 1 year.
    • Don’t stain if there is no shade. If possible, call a professional exterior house painting service to do it at night for you.
    • Don’t roll it on but brush it. Roller will only apply the stain on the surface, while brushing will push the stain into the wood deeper.
    • Don’t dilute the stain. Stains are very typical so, be very careful while working with chemicals.
    • If you see peeling stain or paint, don’t take the project of staining in your own hands. Hire professional painter for assistance.


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Stephen Lockyer
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