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When hiring the services of the best painters Gold Coast, you don’t have to worry about any patches or improper finishing. The professionals specialize in their work and ensure 100% customer satisfaction, but there is no harm in crosschecking or inspecting the work after the professional painting job.


But, what approach you must use and what techniques you must implement in order to ensure that work is done right? It is simple; below are a few simple and effective tips for an efficient inspection.


What to inspect?


  • Check edging lines carefully and ensure they are straight and smooth.
  • Inspect the color of the newly applied paint to ensure the previously applied color doesn’t show. If the previous color is visible, ask your painter Gold Coast to apply the fresh coat of paint.
  • Cross check that no corner or spot is dirty and unpainted. Even a professional painter can accidentally forgot some sections like, door frames, window frames, and interior cabinet walls.
  • Check if there is any paint dripping. If there is any dripping, ask the professional to scratch it off, to sand it and to cover it with additional coat over the spot.
  • Ensure the paint is properly stuck on the walls. Mostly, it is not essential to use a primer before applying new coat of paint, as the paints available in the market are a lot more adherent today. But, some surfaces require the use of specially designed products. Also, it is essential that the exterior surfaces are painter at the right temperature. Preferably, you should not paint directly under the sun rays or it could lead to bubble formation or peeling of paint in a few weeks.
  • Also, make sure there are no spots of paint on your flooring or furniture. If you see marks of paints, ask your painter Gold Coast to remove it.


What is the ideal time to inspect the paint?


Preferably, you must inspect between each room, or after the complete painting work is over. However, you must try to inspect the work before the painter leaves, this will help you avoid any inconvenience or delays and even painter will be thankful that he won’t have to visit your property again.


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Stephen Lockyer
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