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Wallpapers work effectively in bringing unique patterns and textures to your home. They create a perfect wall surface and can last almost 15 years. However, at some point you will start feeling that the wallpaper is outdated especially when buying new furnishings or trends change. A fresh coat of paint gives an immediate solution but raises an important question-is it important to remove the wallpaper or you can paint over it?


Removing wallpaper is not as easy as it seems. It is a complicated task and can create serious and harmful problems in your home. An example include taking off many layers of wallpaper just to find more or removing one layer along with the plaster or drywall behind it. Removing wallpaper before applying fresh coat of paint will always give great results with fewer long-term problems. But, follow these tips to decide if you should paint over wallpaper or remove it.


When not to paint over the wallpaper: If the wallpaper is torn, loose or has holes, it should be taken off as these signs indicate that wallpaper is starting to fail. You must also consider your future plans for staying in the same property. Paint applied on the wallpaper will make it more difficult to remove the wallpaper in future and this will create issues when you decide to redo the interior.


When to paint over wallpaper: By painting over your wallpaper you can ensure that the plaster or drywall remains intact and no damages happen to the wall surface. It is also a lot easier and quicker to start painting immediately, rather than removing wallpaper and cleaning adhesive, then painting. If you choose to paint wallpaper, don’t forget to add adhesive in loose areas and replaced damaged sections. Before applying new coat of paint, add a coat of spackle in order to ensure that the texture of wallpaper is not visible and use an oil-based primer to seal the adhesive in the paper and away from the moisture in the paint.


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