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Types of Brushes That You Can Use For House Painting

When it comes to house painting, you have to be sure that you are using all the right equipments, so that you get the best finish of the paint. Although, a lot depends on the quality of the paint that you have selected for the job but if you haven’t

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Which Paintbrush Should You Use To Paint?

Are you deciding to paint your house and looking the market to shop for paintbrushes? You need to keep few points in mind before you buy the right paintbrush for your painting needs. The hardware store might have too many varieties of paintbrushes of various size, shapes, materials, lengths, bristle

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Process on painting a room

All my life I have grown up around paint.  My dad was a painter and my grandfather was a painter. I’ve painted a few hundred homes over the years and  I hope I can share some easy advice if your wanting to do it yourself.   Painting a room is an

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Exterior House Render Painting

Here is an example of external render painting to a house that should not be effected by efflorescence any time soon.  Without dealing with the issue before painting, chances are your render will end up having render burn. What is efflorescence? In short the render burn and efflorescence is cause

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Exterior Painting to Residential Houses

At repaintpro, no matter how big or small your paint job we always use the same process materials and paint. The outside of this Sea front home was high pressure cleaned and given two coats of Taubmans Endure low sheen. Every external crack and window was no more gaped to

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Roof Painter Gold Coast

Just thought I would add some pics etc from some of our roofing projects. Last year we applied just over 8500 Litres of roofing membrane! We love doing roof restorations. Such a massive difference to a home in just a few days! Steve Lockyer

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Resene Paints why we use their products?

For our customers past and future I have written an article on why we choose the paint that we do for your home. Truth is, you pay for the paint in your quote, so we provide the best quality paint that we have found on the market. From Dulux 101