Are you looking forward to painting your wall and you are seriously thinking about how you can get passed the wallpaper? The number one solution would be for you to take off the wallpaper before you start painting. If you can do this, perfect. However, if you can’t, it is not the end of the world. You can do other things that can equally bring out the beauty of the room you are about to paint; like painting over the wallpaper.


This post would show you how you can paint over your wallpaper without experiencing any hassles. Painting over wallpaper is not as difficult as most people deem it to be. Highlighted below are a few considerations that are necessary whenever you want to carry out this task.


Get Rid of Loose Edges

It is only natural that with time the edges of your wallpaper are likely to become loosely glued to the surface of the wall. Those loose edges have the capability of exposing the wall beneath. Catching sight of the wall beneath your wallpaper makes your work unattractive; it defeats the entire purpose. The wall underneath should never be seen. So Painters Gold Coast advises that you cut off those loose edges before you start painting. That way, you can be sure of having a uniform color on your wall.


Prime the Surface

Getting rid of your loose wallpaper is not the only thing you need to do before you start painting. There are other things you need to do. One of which is – to prime the surface. Priming helps to ensure a uniform background color on your wall, which is very necessary for painting. Your choice of primer should be any primer that is not water-based. Making use of a water-based primer is not advisable because it may ruin some parts of the wallpaper. So you need to avoid it as possible as you can. At painter gold coast, this is one technique that has made our customers marvel at our work.


Another Coating

You need more than one coat if you want to successfully paint over your wallpaper. You can decide to coat with sparkle and sand appropriately. Having applied more than one layer to your wallpaper, the last thing you need to do is to apply the color of paint you desire on your wall.


If you have these tips at the back of your mind while painting, it makes your job a lot easier. House painters gold coast are experts when it comes to renovating your walls. You can turn to commercial painters gold coast for top quality painting services.


Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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