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Invest in an eco-friendly home is something that we are all hearing of more and more from a wide variety of sources. You do not always need heavy investing such as solar panels to make your home eco-friendly. A perfect example is in painting your home in an eco-friendly fashion.


1. Your Choice of Paint: Boycott Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) cannot be naturally degraded and thus leave a heavy footprint on our environment. Their non-recyclable waste has been proven to harm us with symptoms ranging from mildly irritated eyes to severe damage to the nervous system. Choosing eco-friendly paints eliminates all the above. A majority of renowned commercial painters Gold Coast has in service directories offer them at very affordable prices. They are available in myriad colors and if you go for one like Nippon Paint Odour-less All-in-1, you will be assured it is Singapore Green Building Products certified.


2. Paint Preparation: How Much Paint Is Enough?

As much as knowing you need to have enough paint sounds simple, it is not unheard of for many DIY-ers to run out of paint before they finish their project. A lot of the house painters Gold Coast has to offer will sell you paint in cans indicating exactly how many square meters it will cover. You will therefore need to measure the walls you want to get painted and calculate the square meters. Once you have these measurements. Once you have these measurements you can then consult any painter Gold Coast has listed.


3. Painting: Which Paints Go Where?

Everybody loves to delve straight into the painting because – It’s Fun!


Instead of diving in headfirst, pick out which paints would be the best for each particular area of your home or construction. If you know that you live in a humid climate area like Singapore, you will already have noticed that ceilings in the toilets and kitchens always end up getting damp. The same applies to where you have the air conditioners on the wall. In such a case, most of the painters Gold Coast offers will recommend you go with Nippon Paint Odor-less Anti-Mould Ceiling White. This will give you protection against a variety of frequently encountered moulds.


Thinking out which paints suit what areas of your house means that you do not have to frequently repaint.
Stick to the basic rules of painting and you will always get not only long-lasting but satisfactory results.


4. Winding Up: Getting Rid of Leftover Paint

If you are truly going ecofriendly then you cannot skip proper disposal. Let the little left over paint dry out before tossing it in the trash. If it is a lot, you can store it for later use or donate it. You can also keep it for use on other DIY options like stylish pin boards or fun flowerpots.


Get an airtight container that will not allow water to evaporate from the paint and will also keep the microorganisms out.


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