The ceiling is an integral part of any room. If you desire to paint a room very well, the ceiling is not going to receive any lesser attention. Unfortunately, a lot of persons still don’t get this. They think you can apply paints to your brush or roller and paint the ceiling anyhow you want. The professional House Painters Gold Coast believe otherwise. There are some basic rules one needs to adhere to when painting any ceiling, and that is what this post is about to discuss. Just read through carefully and discover how you will breeze through your next ceiling-painting task. These tips are applicable to textured and smooth ceilings.


Stain-Blocking Primers Are Perfect

There are specific stains on your ceilings that cannot be removed by your ordinary paints. These stains make life difficult for anyone painting such ceilings. Instead of wasting your time and energy trying to rid the ceiling of these stains, you could use stain-blocking primers, and your worries are as good as gone. Most professional painters would prefer to brush their white pigmented shellac primer on the ceiling before they start painting. Just remember to wash your brush with alcohol after priming.

Sanding Is Essential

With many coats of paint on your ceiling, the ceiling is bound to have some rough patches at some spots. And if you decided to paint over those rough spots, it makes your work untidy and messy. Experienced painters like those at painters gold coast sand ceiling surfaces before they begin painting. Your best companion for this task would be a drywall sanding paper. With the right sanding, the ceiling surface is not only going to be smoother to paint, but it is also going to ensure the paint bonds better with the ceiling surface. That way, the paint is going to last longer.

Rolling Is Best After Cutting In

Use your hand brush to cut in the edges of your ceiling before you use your roller on the entire ceiling. Doing this makes your work easier. Commercial painters gold coast always prescribe that this approach is less stressful and more effective.


Highlighted above with detailed explanations are some of the ways through which you can paint your ceiling without making the same mistakes that dummy painters do. At painter gold coast, we paint with a difference because we adhere to these rules while painting any ceiling.


Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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