If you want to conduct successful painting, it is of the essence to master appropriate techniques on how to estimate the price. Various contractors quote different prices for their services based on the quality they give. The overall estimate of the price depends on a number of factors such as the cost of labor and the necessary materials including paints among others. Even though you will have to do it yourself, it is of great interest to first ask the contractors about their own estimate. If you want to work like a pro, here are some tips to employ.


Take the Measurements of Your Home

You may end up underestimating or overestimating the cost if you fail to take the ideal measurements of the walls, ceiling, and the floor. You can make use of a tape measure or a ruler to do this task. At Painters Gold Coast, we show our clients how to take the measurements and recording them thereafter. If you are not confident enough in doing this, you can look for help from a real expert or do it with a member of your family. Pros have it in mind that there are some parts of the house that will not require painting. Therefore, when making an estimate of this, you should be very crucial to subtract them from your total cost.


Determine the Quantity and Quality of Paint Needed

This is easy with professionals but you can still do well. You need to have prior information about the total area that can be painted with one gallon; in this case, 250 square feet. Therefore, once you have the total area of the room, you can simply divide this by 250 to determine the total number of gallons needed. We at Painter Gold Coast advise everyone who comes to us to select prize-winning quality paint.


Calculate the Cost of Other Materials

We at Commercial painters Gold Coast, make you understand that different firms sell painting related supplies at various costs. First, talk to your contractor to know the requisite for supplies. Some of the most common materials you will need include a masking paper, gallon primer, paint tape, caulking, rollers, tarps and a masking plastic among others. Once you have listed all these plus any other additional, you can now eventually calculate the total cost based on prices from a given seller. It is, however, good to compare both the prices and the quality of these materials in order to make an informed decision.


Determine the Cost of Labor and Any Other Additional

This is a very key thing provided you want to get the best from the contractors you will hire. Prices vary depending on the company of preference. Labor should be based on the size of the room needed to be painted. For a smaller one, you may just need two painters. However, big buildings may necessitate hiring more than five and therefore, you need to be prepared financially.


What is The Total Cost?

The last thing you need to do as an expert in determining the total budget for the entire painting exercise. You should not leave anything out. At Home Painters Gold Coast, we ensure you get an appropriate definitive cost for our services before we start the job.


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Stephen Lockyer
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