Painting is a profession that requires a blend of skills, talent, and long-term experience. There are some places where temperatures may be unfavorable. Similarly, most places have biannual climate meaning; they experience both winter and summer. These seasons are characterized by extremes of temperatures, a factor that may hinder effective painting. It is recommended that all painting should be done when weather conditions are promising in order to avert from unnecessary regrets. Below are downsides of painting a home in extremes of temperatures.


Inadequate Drying

When working in an area with extremes of heat or cold, the paint may not appropriately dry up. This leads to uneven surfaces and gruesome spots that reap off the aesthetic beauty of your home. This is not influenced by the quality of the paint or the level of expertise. Humid environments are generally not good for painting. That is why we at Commercial Painters Gold Coast recommend clients to look for certified firms to give them contracts. Inadequate drying may be an effect of the scorching sun or the extremely low temperatures that may be insufficient to dry up the paint.



It is true that even the contractors you may have hired may be overwhelmed by direct sunlight. Most of them will undoubtedly get uncomfortable and resort to seeking shelter hence going out of the plan. The effects are similar to an extreme cold. Some people will find it difficult to continue with their task in such weather conditions. To be on a safer side, start this work when the weather is promising or else, you may regret. At Painter Gold Coast, we make sure we paint your home at the right time to avert from any inconveniences.


Lose of the Original Glow

The main reason why we at Home Painters Gold Coast give the best services is to increase aesthetic value and make your home more appealing to your family and the guests. When done during cold or hot seasons, the paint is highly predisposed to early fading hence leaving unattractive patches behind. We all want to décor our walls and watch them last for multiple years. However, in these adverse conditions, these expectations may be less achieved. If you want to smile at the upshots, be patient and wait for the right time; when the weather conditions are more accommodating.


Overuse of the Paint and Other Materials

Extreme heat and cold are two adverse conditions and this means when you want to start painting, you may need to go out of the ordinary. To get proper results, you may need to purchase more paint and also increase the amount of time needed as compared to normal days. These two adjustments can help you hit your target.


Unnecessary Surface Expansion and Contraction

This can happen especially when the painted surfaces are exposed to a sudden change from one extreme of temperature to another. The effect is usually experienced on metals but can occur on newly painted surfaces. The ultimate upshot of these contractions is cracked that appear on the walls. Repeated expansions and contractions over a long period of time can lead to big cracks and the eventual fall of the entire building. This is why at Painters Gold Coast, we advise our customers to avert from any form of the painting provided extremes of temperatures are experienced.


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Stephen Lockyer
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