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"I Hang Wallpaper Everyday!....It's My Profession And I Enjoy It, Thats Why Im Different To Your Painter!", Gold Coast, Brisbane, Logan, Sunshine Coast


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  • Commercial applications
  • Residential house feature walls
  • Whole room paperhanging.
  • Feature walls for wallpaper
  • Offices

Covering all types of papers like

  • Foils
  • Electrostatic Flocked Wallpaper
  • Anagalypta wallpapers
  • Paint over wallpapers
  • Floral wallpapers
  • Bamboo wallpaper
  • Printed mural wallpapers
  • Stripping old wallpaper
  • Preparing all walls or ceilings for wallpapering

Steve Lockyer, your Gold Coast and Brisbane Wallpaper Installation and Wallpaper hanging specialists.

Keith has been hanging wallpaper on the Gold Coast since the 80’s. From a proud heritage of paperhangers ,

over three generations of wall paper experience.

This level of experience ensures your wallpaper is hung professionally and with the best possible outcome.

giving you a better finish, cleaner lines, better wallpaper installation!

I guarantee competitive pricing and Quality workmanship because i am the man who will be doing your job



Steve has wallpapered for thousands of private homes around southeast qld,Some previous projects include:


  1. Tattersalls club, Brisbane.
  2. Treasury Casino, Rodd and Gun stores (australia wide).
  3. Mooney Valley Legends, Melbourne.
  4. Lyquid nite club, Cairns.


95% of nite clubs in Surfers Paradise.Pubs, Clubs and Restaurants from Sunshine coast to Byron to Toowoomba.

Thanks for visiting our professional wallpapering page. Whatever your wallpapering needs we have you covered. We have been wallpapering before it was cool to do so. From interior walls to ceilings we can wallpaper almost anything for you. Wallpaper installations for Gold Coast and Brisbane, Ipswich and logan. No matter what your paper to hang, we can handle your job with our professional paperhangers. Our team comes from highly experienced paper hangers from New Zealand and England. We have hung 1000’s of rolls from Foils to flocked papers and have a through understanding


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For wallpaper hangers Brisbane and Gold Coast

Skilled wallpaper installers in Brisbane and Gold Coast  

Sooner or later home owners will look through the rooms of a house with plans for major changes. Do you also see some or all of the rooms have their wall covering coming out or looking dull and lifeless? Wallpapers have become old, and you think it is time to get them removed from the walls and get new wallpapers installed to give the room or complete house a fresh new look?   Or you are just tired of looking at the same outdated wallpapers around you, thus you are now considering getting new wallpapers hanging? Whatever be the reason of changing the wallpaper, Repaintpro can help.

With over 20 years of experience as wallpaper hangers in Brisbane and Gold Coast, we are dedicated to superior craftsmanship in the hanging of every type of wallpaper. Totally unlike other naïve and so called “Wallpaper Hangers”, we know and use the right approach to remove and install wallpaper to ensure longevity. We are an established and leading name in the advancement and in the use of wallpapers in commercial and residential environments.  We are committed to maintaining high standards in the industry. In addition, our team of professionals stay updated about the state-of-the-art methods for wallpaper removal and wallcovering installation.

We are upgrading our skills, but we are also preserving the long established practices of installing historic wallpapers. Keith Bryant specializes in the installation of superior quality wallpapers, silks, fabrics, handprints as well as metallic papers. Wallpaper installation is a skill that only a few master in Gold Coast, Brisbane and surrounding areas, so we feel pride that we have helped hundreds of residents and commercial property owners in their wallpaper installation needs, fulfilling, what is expected from us as pros. Our team of professionals is able to handle both large and small jobs, sometimes at even a very short notice, anywhere in the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

If you have decided to use wallpaper in your place of business or your home, and need it to be installed we can give you a quote on how much it will cost. Another advantage of using services of a professional is that we can help you to choose designs and colors of wallpaper that can best enhance the look and appeal of your house. Getting wallpaper installed is a lot easier and trouble free then getting your house painted. Once you choose a color and design, the first step for Keith Bryant is to remove any wallpaper that is already there on the wall. After this process, the wall is now ready for new wallpaper.

We put an application on to the wall that acts as glue for the wallpapers, and then the wallpaper will be hanged on to the wall. While installing it, we make sure that there are no bubbles and it is completely flat. The smooth finish will give it a look of paint but at the same time, the design makes it stand out, giving a more attractive and eye-pleasing look. The perfections and imperfections can make or break the way the wallpaper looks. The looks are also dependent on how nicely each piece was seamed. But, in case of walls that are too big, there will have to be a seam. But being a professional, know how to make it, so that anyone will hardly notice the seam even exist by matching the design perfectly between the two wallpapers.

It is worth mentioning that matching up a detailed design will only be able to be done by someone who has experience of wallpaper hanging and Steve certainly has the experience as well as the skills. We have installed a huge variety of products several times in our wallpapering career. We have installed a number of wallpaper brands throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane, including but not limited to:

Osborne and Little

Designers Guild

Cole & son

Graham & Brown




We make the complete process of wallpaper installation affordable and time efficient and it will last a long time. The glue application we use will hold on the wallpaper for several years to come. Thus, you can rest assure that you don’t have to replace it every few years.  It is a well known fact that after every five or so, their paint will need a lot of touch up due to oily or greasy marks and stains, and this where wallpaper shines. So, if you want to abstain from the painting mess every few years, then look in to wallpaper as your solution.

Wallpaper installation requires patience, skill and time. Our team works on projects with patience and gently, because that is the need of the wallpaper hanging, but that doesn’t mean delays or stretched work, we work within clients’ timelines. We carry out all stages carefully to ensure wonderful results.

Preparation: Making wall surface good and smooth, by filling the cracks or nail holes. A smooth surface is needed to install wallpaper.

Lining: Lining paper is then hung horizontally or vertically (cross lining). This assists in making the surface more even, providing the perfect surface essential for the correct adhesion of superior quality wallpapers.

Wallpaper: All types can be installed, bespoke panoramic, Repeat patterned paper, textured, flock, paper backed silk & fabric.

Steve and his team provide residential and commercial wallpaper hanging services focusing on the highest level of quality, professionalism and value. Our experience and training in all aspects of wallpaper guarantee superior results. As a family business, Repaintpro draws on more than 20 years of experience as master wallpaper hangers. We use the right tools and correct approach to provide you wallpapering that is just wow and amazing. We work with builders, interior decorators and private clients providing commercial and residential wallpaper installation in Gold Coast and Brisbane.

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We can also help you choose the right wallpaper for your home or office. Usually, people don’t understand that wallpapers differ not only in their designs and colors but there are several things to remember when choosing the wallpaper. Say, if there are any imperfections or texture on the walls, then pick wallpaper that can hide or disguise the texture. Shinny finishes on wallpaper are a big no-no for walls with texture or imperfections as they highlight the flaws. But, if you want only the shiny finishes on wallpaper then we can help you with that as well. We have contacts with sheet rock contractors who specialize in smoothing out the texture and preparing the wall for wallcovering.

We come all equipped to the project site, carrying all the needed tools like a plastic smoothing brush, a measuring tape, a level, a sharp pair of scissors, snap off or single edge blades, metal putty knife, a ladder and all such tools. We start working on the project instantly, without wasting any time. This is the reason, we are able to finish the project within the timeline and guarantee fast services. Our services are very reasonably priced and pocket friendly, so look no further and get in contact with Keith Bryant today, to discuss about your wallpapering requirements and get the quote.