Older homes are generally described using terminologies like historic, having character and charming. But if you live in an older Gold Coast home, you understand that you need to put in efforts to upgrade your home to make it work for your contemporary lifestyle. Refreshing your damaged drywall, wall paint, ceiling paint and trim can work effectively in breathing new life in your older home.


Here are top great tips from our painters to turn your character rich home into an advanced home that meets your modern lifestyle.


  • Exterior paint job


Exterior of your home gives the first impression to your guests, but wear and tear can leave your dated home with dull, lifeless curb appeal. Brighten up the exterior of your home with a fresh coat of exterior paint on your shutters, doors and siding.


  • Commercial Painting Gold Coast: Top reasons why we are the best

    Commercial Painting Gold Coast: Top reasons why we are the best

    Renew your exterior with deck paint


An outdated deck not just decreases exterior of your home, but can be a safety hazard if not refinishes and repaired properly. Get your deck refinished or power washed during spring. This won’t just update your home but will give you a great place for enjoying evening snacks.


  • Revive cabinets


They say functional, well equipped kitchen enhance the value of your home, and probably you have been postponing the kitchen renovation of your dreams. If you have to no plans of updating your complete kitchen, giving it a more modern look then you can try a new coat of interior paint for your cabinets along with some modern hinges and hardware.


  • Restore your ceilings


Ceiling is one of the most important but ignored parts of your home. Usually, people think that ceilings are same, so they don’t pay attention to them when refreshing their older home. This is a mistake because dirty ceilings can give your home a dirty and outdated feeling. The simplest way to resolve this is with a fresh coat of simple interior paint in a white or off white paint color.


  • Update your trim


Older homes generally have nice crown and trim molding, you just have to bring it back to its original state. Updating your trim with a new coat of interior paint is an effective and simple way to restore your older home without losing any of the historic character.


  • Give your doors a new color and look


From your entrance to your bathroom, your door plays an important role in deciding the overall look and feel of your home. Adding a fresh coat of

Commercial Painting Gold Coast: Top reasons why we are the best

Commercial Painting Gold Coast: Top reasons why we are the best

Commercial Painting Gold Coast: Top reasons why we are the best

paint on the exterior doors can work effectively in enhancing the curb appeal of your older Gold Coast home. Similarly, refreshing your interior doors with a fresh coat of high quality interior paint will infuse new life into your home, banishing that outdated door look for better.


For more details ideas sand tips about restoring older homes, feel free to contact Repaint Pro. We are passionate about restoring dated hones and providing our customers with modern homes full of character and historic charm.


Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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