Sometimes it can be a tricky task trying to single out the best painting proposal from a pack of many. You need to ensure the right pick when going through a host of proposals otherwise all your effort would amount to a complete waste of time. It is possible you have tried this before, and you didn’t end up with the right painting contractor. If this is you, then you would find this post most useful. This is how we at commercial painters gold coast evaluate our painting proposals. We love to look out for the following.

The Executive Summary

A well-detailed executive summary in any painting proposal should give you a clear insight as to what to expect from the said applicant. On this section of the proposal, you can find details like contact information, insurance cover, type of license, etc. Be very careful when you go through this portion of the proposal because you can assess the painting contractor based on their area of specialization – as stated in the proposal. The executive summary is also expected to highlight past painting projects of the said applicant.

Outlined Project Specifications

This part of the proposal should describe in detail every single information about the project the contractor is bidding for. For instance, it should contain a clear outline of the room dimension. Other information like the level of work preparation, special wall treatments, and repairs are possible contents of this section. Even the number of primer/paints expected for the job should be quoted. This aspect tells the employer how the applicant intends to carry out the task.

Information On Products

You should naturally expect this aspect of the proposal to contain information about the products they intend to use for the job. They will give you detailed information on the following: Primer, oil-based paints, filler, etc. This part equally contains information on the equipment that will be used to execute the painting task. If you already have a particular color scheme in mind, make sure you and your preferred contractor are on the same page. House Painters Gold Coast love to pay specific attention to this part of your proposal.

Cost Estimates

The cost estimate of any proposal is the final straw that breaks the camel’s back. You need to be doubly sure your contractor is giving you a cost that works fine with your budget. However, if you feel the cost estimate provided by your contractor is too high, you can do a quick survey on the prices of all the items mentioned on the proposal so you can find out for yourself if giving the job to the said contractor is worth it or not. You can go to painter gold coast and find out how they evaluate this part of their proposals.


Picking the right contractor for that painting job can be a stroll in the park for anyone who is conversant with such proposals. If you aren’t, then watching out for the four points mentioned above would be an excellent place to start. Painters Gold Coast stock some of the best professionals that execute any painting job, you can always have them in mind.

Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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