Things do not always go right while painting. There are times when painters and clients experience certain challenges that may hinder their work progress and even end up terminating the entire project. These challenges may be experienced before, during or after painting. The need to understand them will help you formulate appropriate ways to solve them before becoming worse. Here, you will get some light on the major drawbacks experienced during painting and the various ways you can get to their bottom.


Flaking of the Paint

This happens especially when the low-quality paint is selected or when a top-notch paint is thinly applied. Moreover, inappropriate groundwork and performing the exercise when it is windy or cold can predispose to this problem. We at Commercial Painters Gold Coast encourage clients who experience this setback to purchase good quality paint from well-known sellers, hire contractors with ultimate skills and experience and also to do the exercise only when it is not windy. Choosing the right painters will ensure adequate and appropriate surface preparation, something that will help eliminate this problem.


Cracking of the Paint Surfaces

In painting, it is recommended that one should ensure drying of the undercoat before applying the top coat and the finish. However, when the undercoat is not given sufficient time to dry, cracking may result. Moreover, this can as well be experienced when there are fluctuating temperatures, that is; sudden change from extremely hot to cold conditions. The best solution we give as Painter Gold Coast for this case is painting when the weather is calm and sanding and scraping surfaces before the paint is applied.


Formation of Crusty White Crystals

This is one of the obstacles you may face as a painter at some point in your profession. Such crystal deposits can hinder you from effectively applying the finish. The problem may be caused by poor preparation of the walls that require painting, seepage of moisture from painted surfaces and allowing less curing period. Start by dealing with the moisture by ensuring uniform sealing of all fissures. Also give yourself adequate time to prepare the surfaces, for instance scraping off the old paints. Once you notice the efflorescence, simply get rid of them and re-clean the surface.


Wrinkling Paint Surface

This can occur when you apply paint on a dirty surface, early exposure of the paint to unfavorable weather conditions, heavy paint spreading and spreading a top coat when the undercoat is not dry. We at Home Painters Gold Coast give the best solutions to this problem. For instance, we rinse the surface before paint application, apply the right amount of paint and ensuring the undercoat is dry.


Blistering Bubbling

This is one of the most common challenges experienced in painting. This usually happens due to loss of the bonding between the top and undercoat. It can happen when one paints on a surface that is too warm, too damp or inadequate surface scrapping and when moisture leaks into the wall spaces. Consider getting rid of the moisture source by sealing the cracks. At Painters Gold Coast, we can help you avert this hitch by guiding you on how to scrape off the loose topcoat and thoroughly prepare the surface before you start painting.


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Stephen Lockyer
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