It is possible for you to apply a single color of paint to your walls and you will still have a beautiful bedroom. However, what if you want more? What if you desire a little sophistication regarding having designs on your walls?


If you fit the description above, then you need to read this post very carefully. While there are many decorative painting techniques that can add life to your walls, this post is going to be discussing only four of them.


The Use of Stencils

Repeated patterns are just great for any wall. It gives that interior space a paradise-kind of look. But while these patterns are gorgeous to look upon, it can be a bit stressful trying to apply these designs by freestyling. To solve this challenge, get a stencil and look for the design that you love the most. Use stencils to create an endless spectrum of pattern across on your bedroom walls. According to painters gold coast, it is also perfect for creating designs in children’s bedrooms.


The Use of Harlequin

Diamond patterns is another pattern that will always attract anyone’s attention any time any day. You, however, need the right tools to create these diamond patterns – Harlequin. Children love it so much when you use paints to create these diamond patterns on their walls. Adults also find this design highly attractive when colors of slightly different contrast are used to create the pattern. Utilizing the harlequin to generate that diamond design on your bedroom walls is a sure way to add some spark to your room.


The Use of Checkerboard

The use of checkerboards to create box-like designs on bedroom walls are suddenly becoming the choice of many homeowners. The checkerboard has become the choice of most people because you only need tapes to flesh out your designs. After taping, you paint on top of the tape. Remove the tape after the paint must have dried up, and what you have left is a fantastic view of your checkerboard. Our professionals at painter gold coast know how to apply this very well.


The Use of Stripes

One sure way of introducing some real dramatic effect to your walls is by painting your walls in stripes. The best way to do this is by first, painting the entire wall with subtle color. After you have done that, use painters’ tape to create your stripes. Make sure the width of your lines is not too small. Use dark paint colors for your stripes and remove the tape when the paint has dried up. If you want various stripe designs for your bedroom walls, you can always beckon on House Painters Gold Coast.


These are four decorative painting techniques that will give your room that stunning look whenever it is gazed upon by anyone. There are more painting techniques when you visit Commercial Painters Gold Coast.


Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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