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Your walls are looking all fresh and bright after the paint, making your home feel like new again. The renewed shine of the paint eliminates the existed imperfections and stains and gives a clean look to the walls. The issue is, this lustrous look doesn’t last forever. Over time, dirt and grime will form a layer on your walls. But this is not something to worry about. With a little pre-planning and some extra time on your day off, return them to the gleam they had when they were initially painted.


The Right Type of Paint is Important

House painters Gold Coast say that the type of paint you choose has a huge impact on how easy your walls are to clean. Sheens like eggshell or matte allow dirt and stains to clean easily. Flat paints can’t be cleaned; so, avoid cleaning flat walls. Cleaning paints with a flat sheen will instead turn them to a stain or eggshell finish making your walls to have shiny spots. Remember this when choosing your paint type next time. A little planning or expert advice from painters Gold Coast will save you a lot of headache in the future.


Test and Check

You want to make your walls look beautiful, not damage them beyond repair. Keeping this in mind, before washing your walls, test the cleaning method and solution you are planning to use. You need to find a hidden area of the wall, so if there is an issue, it won’t be evident. Clean your concealed area and allow it to dry fully. If the test results are great and according to your expectations, you can continue to clean the rest of your home.


Nothing Fancy

Don’t ever feel that you need costly cleaners with harsh chemicals to make your walls spotless. It is actually great to use the least demanding method when cleaning. Begin with a damp sponge and water. This will help in removing the spots. If this method doesn’t help, add a small amount of detergent in water, If grease stains are highly stubborn, you can make your process more powerful by using a solvent free degreaser.


If there are streaks and smudges on your walls and getting rid of them seems difficult, consider a consultation from Commercial Painters Gold Coast to find out if a fresh coat of paint is required. Repaint Pro is a team of your painters Gold Coast, experts in house and commercial painting and can paint your walls in a finish that will be easy to maintain and keep clean for years to come.


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Stephen Lockyer
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