When a lot of people think about home décor, they only think of the aesthetic value. They do not give a thought to the fact that the colors you use can actually have a very big impact on your emotional wellbeing. If you are one of those that knows that the colors you pick for your living or working space can affect your emotions, then the below ideas are just for you.

  • Best Colors for Living Room and Foyer

When picking colors for these areas you want to choose colors that will make those who are gathering want to talk about their day and experiences. These are colors that are warm like various shades of red, yellow and orange. Earth tones like brown also have an effect of bringing people together as a place we all share.

  • Best Kitchen Colors

The best way to go about picking the colors for your kitchen would be to think of what fond memories you have of eating and where you were at that moment. Most of the house painters Gold Coast has to offer will tell you that you should recreate your kitchen with the colors from that memory. If you have no fond memories then reds and yellows never go wrong.

  • Best Dining room Colors

For your dining room you will need to go for colors that will not only build your appetite but will also be inviting for conversation. The best color for this would be red.

  • Best Bedroom Colors

When it comes to the bedroom colors, this is where a majority of the commercial painters Gold Coast has to offer will agree that there are many options. When you think of the bedroom the biggest factor is relaxation and connecting with your significant other.

If you want to emphasize on relaxation then you should go for the cool colors like blue and green. These however, have to be very light if you want them to really have a calming effect.

If you want to go for a stimulating effect on the other hand then you would have to pick a darker hue and maybe even a lavender tone.

  • Best Bathroom Colors

Most of the painters Gold Coast offers agree that a bathroom can have almost any color as long as it has a quality of looking clean and fresh. Here once again you would have to choose the color that makes you feel relaxed but can also be easily seen as clean. A majority of the hues falling in such a category would be the blues, greens and of late, the turquoises.

  • Best Home Office Colors

The best color options recommended if you ask any painter Gold Coast has to offer would be a color that boosts productivity. A majority of color consultants agree that green is the best color for focus and concentration especially for extended periods of time.

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