House Painting Runaway Bay

One of our regular clients moves on!

A very sad end to an amazing couple who had us on maintenance duties for the prized home on Sovereign Island.

Exterior house painting Gold Coast

Here is an image of us painting an exterior of a house at Sovereign Island.  All painting here we used Taubmans paints for their extreme weather suitability.

Commercial Painting Gold Coast

Commercial Painters for Gold Coast business. Interior fit out painting. 

The images here were taken during the fit out to a fitness business here on the Gold Coast.  

Exterior Painting to Residential Houses

At repaintpro, no matter how big or small your paint job we always use the same process materials and paint. The outside of this Sea front home was high pressure cleaned and given two coats of Taubmans Endure low sheen.

An Interesting Painting Task

Here is an interesting painting task. From the start this fence line look like just a very hard one to paint and most owners would just tend to leave it.

The Work Truck

Today the guys at Signarama finished off the signage on the ute. I love it and hope it will raise the brand awareness for


Part of our Painting System

Exterior renovations like this require experienced professionals to have to job done right, the first time.

This roof is being finished with Dulux Acratex.

Part of the Repaintpro Team

From left to right of picture, Steve, Kerin, Scott and Joe. These guys are a vital part of what makes Repaintpro a very easy business to deal with.

Employee Of The Year 2012

This year, just like the previous…………the winner is Kerin. He has showen himself once again to take on each job as his own.

How much will it cost to paint my house

How much will it cost to paint my house? House Painting on the Gold Coast

In this article we will look at the all important question of how much will it cost to paint my house?