Gold Coast Earthquake Damage Repairs

We are available for your earthquake damage repairs.  For all cracks and paint damage from Earthquakes we have you covered.

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Structural building repairs and assesment please visit our project partners at

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Gold Coast Build damage repairs.  

What to Consider When You Paint the Outside of Your Home

House painter Gold Coast

When it comes to painting the exterior of your house, you need to make sure that you are getting it done once in every ten years.

Dangers of DIY Painting

Dangers of DIY Painting

If you have decided to get your home painted as a DIY process, then you have to keep in mind some of the certain points.

Common Mistakes When Painting Your House

Painting Your House

When it comes to giving your home a complete makeover, painting is the first choice for most of the people. However, you need to make sure that you are getting it done from a professional painter to avoid all the mistakes that might give you a bad finish of coat.

Tips for Saving Money on Home Painting Project

Saving Money on Home Painting

Here are some of the tips using which you can save a lot on the home painting project.

  1. Don’t go for big names when it comes to painting.

Interior Painting Tips: How to Keep Your Lines Clean

Interior Painting Tips

When it comes to painting the house in a perfect manner, then you need to follow the right painting techniques so that you get the right finish.

Types of Brushes That You Can Use For House Painting

Types of Brushes, House Painting, House Painting Brushes,Painting,

When it comes to house painting, you have to be sure that you are using all the right equipments, so that you get the best finish of the paint.

Commercial Painting: Choosing Your Painter

commercial painting

If you are looking to get a commercial painting done, then you must look at these points before getting a painter finalized for the job.

Things to Consider When Choosing Interior Paint Colours

Interior Paint ColoursAlthough there is no specific rule before you choose the right paint for the interior of your house, you need to be sure of certain points before getting the residential painting done.

Steps To Make a Dark Room Feel Bright

Light Colours On The WallsYou can change the overall look of the interiors of the house by right steps of painting. If you have a room that doesn’t get proper light and if you want to make it look airy and bright without too much use of artificial lighting, then using the right shades of paint, you can make it look much bigger.